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Midstream Engineering Strategies To Mitigate Risk During Volatile Crude Prices

NGL Recovery Optimization & Cryoplant Facilities Design 2015 is specifically designed to enable midstream operators to execute projects faster,more effectively and at reduced cost. With the current depressed price of crude, the optimization and flexibility of NGL recovery technology is essential to maximize yields.
This is the first initiative to combine in-depth technical detail with big-picture, strategic, business optimization objectives to provide practical solutions on how to increase repeatability, operability and safety and reduce emissions in gas processing plants; all with the end goal of making dramatic improvements to project execution speed and NGL recovery.
NGL Recovery Optimization & Cryoplant Facilities Design 2015 is the only forum to discuss design strategy within the volatile NGL market context; to provide insights on how to maximize propane recovery, deal with excess ethane and build contingency should market dynamics change.

This is the only initiative dedicated specifically to process engineering, facilities engineering, and project management professionals, from engineer to VP level, in US gas processing companies looking for practical, take away solutions on how to drive down costs and increase the speed of execution. It will drive collaborative learning and understanding of the key challenges in this space, as well as deliver tried and tested solutions for overcoming them.

20+ presentations, delivered by gas processing operators, will focus on the following mission critical topics:

STANDARDIZATION: Understanding how standardization of compression stations, dehydration, stabilization, safety and emissions control is being used to improve cryoplant operability while dramatically improving execution speed and costs

MODULARIZATION: Examining the very latest applications of modularization in NGL processing plants to identify strategies for shaving time and cost off construction

EMISSIONS REDUCTION: Detailing the current and impending emission regulations and how standardized relief systems and ultra lean burn design can bring projects in line with API guidelines

STRATEGIC EQUIPMENT SOURCING: Assessing how accurate designs and strong supplier relations are being developed to reduce the costs and flexibility of compression, dehydration and stabilization

NGL MARKET DYNAMICS: Forecasting market demand and pricing for ethane and butane to predict cryoplant demands and flexibility requirements and risk over the next 2-5 years

C2-C5 RECOVERY TECHNIQUES: Comparing GSP, RSV, LPG and high propane refrigeration plants to understand which provides the highest profit feedstock at the lowest risk

CONDENSATE HANDLING: Understanding how to optimize handling and processing designs to accommodate growing condensate production from shale plays to improve safety, emissions, and facility execution speed



NGL Recovery Optimization & Cryoplant Facilities Design 2015 is a brand new design of gas processing initiative...

... created specifically to provide tangible, practical lessons on how US gas processing can drive down costs and increase the speed of execution and maximize NGL recovery. See key features below:

OPERATOR-LED : This is not a initiative led by academics or suppliers; it is an initiative for gas processing engineers, created by gas processing engineers, delivering solutions for gas processing engineers. 

CASE STUDY FOCUSED : This not research and sales-pitch type initiative. Presenters will break down what has been done well so far, why it went well, what didn't go well, how it can be applied elsewhere and what changes can be made to standardize its success

APPLICABLE, TAKE AWAY LEARNING BENEFITS : The presenters at this initiative are not delivering theory but rather will be delivering practical presentations with the aim of providing the kind of insights and solutions that can be taken away from the congress and applied in the field with immediate effect

TWO PRONGED TECHNICAL & STRATEGIC APPROACH : This initiative doesn't just look at the nuts and bolts or big picture strategies in isolation - it combines best practice case studies from some of the leading gas processing engineering minds, who are also strategically focused, to ensure lessons are delivered on how to optimize both NGL recovery and overall project costs in cryoplants. 

STRATEGIC EQUIPMENT SOURCING FOCUS : A whole section is dedicated to optimizing supplier relations to enable high quality parts and services at the lowest cost. 

MODULARIZATION IN A MARKET CONTEXT: This initiative focuses on how to standardize equipment on different projects, in different locations but within the context of market demand and pricing for C2-C5 to predict cryoplant demands, flexibility requirements and risk over the next 2-5 years.


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